Slumber Party (Album Glory) by Britney Spears with Tinashe Lyrics
4 Dec 2016

Last month, Britney Spears released the music video for Slumber Party, the second single of Glory, the ninth studio album of this singer, which is on stores since the end of August.

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Make Me… (Album Glory) by Britney Spears featuring G-Eazy Lyrics
4 Aug 2016

At the end of this month, Britney Spears will be releasing her ninth studio album which title is Glory. Album “Britney Jean” (2013) was a commercial failure, for that reason, American singer has been taken more time than expected. Official sources in RCA Records has said that Britney has been working in a new rhythm and is working with young producers”. Meanwhile, Britney has said in her social media it will be the beginning of a new era.

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Criminal – Britney Spears Lyrics
27 Sep 2011

Album: Femme Fatale
Genre: Soft rock
Lyrics by: Max Martin, Shellback, Tiffany Amber
Duration: 3:45
Label: Jive
Copyright: (P) 2011 JIVE Records
Release Date: October 11, 2011

Few months ago we saw the huge polemics that caused Rihanna’s Man Down Video,  where she kills a man. Well, now the center of attention is Britney Spears after filming her new video for her song “Criminal” in London.

Some politics there have said Britney has offended the sensitivity of the entire country because  few weeks before the filming, London suffered a tragedy which waked up the pain when Britney appeared with a gun on this video. For many people, the artist is promoting vandalism and giving a terrible message for young people. The filming started last September 18th, 2011.

Criminal will be officially released as the fourth single from her last album, “Femme Fatale” in October, 2011.

Her upcoming tour dates will be on South America by ending it next December 10, 2011.

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I Wanna Go – Britney Spears Lyrics
13 Jul 2011

Album: Femme Fatale
Genre: Dance pop
Length: 3:30
Lyrics by: Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin
Label: Jive
Copyright: (P) 2011 JIVE Records
Release Date: June, 2011

I wanna Go is the third single Britney Spears has officially released from her seventh album Femme Fatale. At the end of last month, Spears premiered the music video which has been seen for more than 17,5 million people on VEVO.

The song co-written Shellback, Max Martin and Saven Kotecha has eurodance elements very close to high energy genre. I Wanna Go has spread quickly during the last three weeks while it has available in UK and Germany next 22nd July and August 8th respectively.

The lyrics makes reference to live free by leaving behind all the inhibitions. Its video music is cool following a Britney Spears in a dream where she is in a press conference until she decides to run away while is chasing for paparazzi ciborgs. Finally she is rescue for the actor Guillermo Diaz.  On the video is included different elements of the pop culture like the movie “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” or the musical video “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Only two tracks include the collaboration by other singers: “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” featuring Sabi and “Big Fat Bass” featuring Will.I.Am.

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Till The World Ends – Britney Spears Lyrics
17 Mar 2011

Album: Femme Fatale
Genre: Dance-pop, electropop
Lyrics by: Alexander Kronlund, Kesha Sebert, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin
Released: March, 2011

In the middle of some tragic situations in the world or the abundance of apocalyptic materials, the new title of Britney’s single seems to be very suggestive. Till The World Ends is included in the upcoming seventh studio album by this artist, who is ready to release it next March 29th in U.S. The new dance-pop song has been co-written by the singer Kesha together to Max Martin, Alexander Kronlund and Lukasz Gottwald. But the lyrics is only another one that talks about a woman who wants to enyoing her life, dancing and dacing without caring if the world is ending up.

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Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears Lyrics
17 Jan 2011

Album: Hold It Against Me
Genre: Dance-pop
Lyrics by: Max Martin, Mathieu Jomphe, Lukasz Gottwald, Bonnie McKee
Release Date: January, 2011

Hold It Against Me is the lead single of the upcoming seventh and self-titled studio album by Britney Spears. The dance-pop song was co-produced and co-written by Max Martin and Dr. Luke. Spears returned to musical sphere when she appeared in one episode of Glee series late in 2010 and days after was annoucing the release month of her new record. This album will be out on stores in March, 2011. The first reviewers has indicated that with this song, Spears promises great things this year. The another confirmed title in this expected record is I I I Wanna Go which also was co-produced by Max Martin. For now, the lead single has already topped the digital singles charts.

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3 – Britney Spears Lyrics
29 Sep 2009

Album: The Single Collection
Genre: Synthppop, Electropop
Writers: Max Martin, Tiffany Amber, Shellback
Released: September, 2009


3 has been selected as the lead single of the upcoming compilation album titled The Singles Collection. This material includes her most popular songs recorded between 1998 and this same year, and it will be out next 24th November, 2009. The track listing contains 19 tracks with titles like Baby One More Time, Stronger, Ooops!… I Did It Again, Toix, Gimme More, Radar, Piece of Me, Womanizar and If U Seek Amy.


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Radar – Britney Spears Lyrics
3 Jul 2009

Album: Circus
Genre: Electropop
Writers: Candice Nelson, Patrik Smith, Christian Karlsson, Exekiel Lewis, Pontus Winnberg, Henrik Jonback
Released: June, 2009


Radar is the fourth single released by Britney Spears from her last album titled Circus. The song will be available in UK next month. Britney has received Gold certified in Argentina, Belgic, France, Germany, Greece, Mexico and Portugal. Some of her awards during this year have been: Choice Song for Circus, Choice Female Singer, Choice Tour “The Circus: Starring Birtney Spears”, Artist of the Year, Best Moves, Sexiest Music Video for Womanizer, Best Comeback and Best X Factor Performance. This month Britney Spears will be in France, Belgium, Denark, Finland, Russia and Poland.

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If U Seek Me – Britney Spears Lyrics
16 Dec 2008

Album: Circus
Genre: Pop
Writers: Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Max Martin
Released: November, 2008

If U Seek Amy is another song included into the last Britney’s album Circus. The single has entered into Billboard 100 Chart. The whole album has been ranked #1 into the 44 Greatest Albums of 2008 by TV Azteca and Billboard Reader’s Choice Album of the Year. The deluxe edition contains a Photo Gallery, Womanizer music video and The Making of Circus. This material is now certified gold by Australian, Mexican and Swiss Album Chart and certified platinum by Russian Top 25. Britney will start a 2009 tour on March. Some cities where she is going to be are: New Orleans, LA (3/3/2009), Miami, FL (3/7/2009), Uniondale, NY (3/11/2009), Newark, NJ (3/13/2009), Montreal, QC (3/20/2009) and Houston, TX (3/30/2009). The tickets are available now.

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