Too Drunk – Buckcherry Lyrics
25 Sep 2008

Album: Black Butterfly
Genre: Hard rock
Released: July, 2008

This song has been the first single released. The album is available since September 16th. It still placed on the peak position number eight on U.S. Billboard 200. Currently there is a special limited edition that includes a demo versions of Nothing and Stayin’ High. The next tour dates are: Tomorrow in Huntsville, AL, Memphis, TN (9/27/2008), Knoxville, TN (9/28/2008) and Clemson, SC (9/30/2008). The complete tracklisting is: Rescue Me, Tired of You, Too Drunk, Talk to Me, Child Called It, Don’t Go Away, Fallout, Rose, All of Me, Imminent Bail Out and Cream.
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Sorry – Buckcherry Lyrics
21 Feb 2008

Album: 15
Genre: Hard Rock, Power Ballad
Released: September, 2007

Since Buckcherry band from New York premiered Sorry Video on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 on MTV, the song has covered much importance. Nowadays, it makes part almost in all charts worldwide, and the album got a certified platinum. Sorry was perfect for Thanksgiving Day, because it was written for Todd’s wife; the lead of the band, as a way to say “I’m so sorry” for all problems that we have had during our relationship, and that’s exactly what you can watch on the video. Undoubtedly, this is a honest song, a beautiful lyrics with a powerful message and a Tod’s face expression believable. “It’s never too late to make it right”. Put into practice!!.
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