My Life by 50 Cent Featuring Eminem and Adam Levine Lyrics
7 Dec 2012

Album: Street King Inmortal
Genre: Hip hop
Length: 4:00
Lyrics by: Larry Griffin, Herb Rooney, Curtis Jackson, Marshall Mathers, Adam Levine
Label: Shady, Interscope, Aftermath
Release Date: November 26, 2012

Fans have been quite enthusiastic with this song whose lyrics belongs to this kind an alternative and concious hip hop. My Life has been chosen as the lead single for upcoming fifth studio album by 50 Cent.

He sings this single together the another rapper Eminem and the popular member of Maroon 5, Adam Levine.

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Space Bound – Eminem Lyrics
19 Jul 2011

Album: Recovery
Genre: Alternative hip hop
Length: 4:39
Lyrics by: James Scheffer, Steve McWwan, M. Mathers
Label: Aftermath
Copyright: (C) 2010 Aftermath Records
Release Date: June, 2010

Space Bound is the only and last song Eminem has released from his seventh studio album during this year. The hip hop single has debuted at number 60 on UK Hot 100 Chart.

The music video was shot with the pornographic star Sasha Grey and the chorus is sung by the British musician Steve McEwan.

Eminem continues being the king on his genre and this was confirmed last year. His last album was the best-selling record in 2010 by selling more than 5.5 million copies around the world.

The popular singles on this album were: Not Afraid, No Love and Love the Way You Lie which was featuring Rihanna.

Eminem will produce and star a boxing film (Southpaw) which is going to be premiered in 2013.

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I Need A Doctor – Dr. Dre Featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey Lyrics
10 Feb 2011

Album: Detox
Genre: Hip hop
Released: February, 2011

The upcoming third studio album by Dr. Dre is entitled Detox. One of the most expected albums in 2011, is going to be released in April. For now, the hip hop singer has released his second official song, I Need a Doctor which is featuring Skylar Grey and Eminem and has debuted at number five on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 today. The hip hop song has been produced by Alex Da Kid who has already produced the hit single Love The Way You Lie with Eminem and Rihanna. The track listing of this new record hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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That’s All She Wrote – T.I. Feat. Eminem Lyrics
19 Dec 2010

Album: No Mercy
Genre: Hip Hop
Lyrics by: Marshall Mathers III, Harris, Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald
Released: December, 2010

At the beginning of this month, the popular rapper T.I. released his seventh studio album, No Mercy. This new record reached the peak position at #1 on U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-hop Albums. The song That’s all She Wrote that is featuring Emimem has debuted at #18 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 this week. The hip hop single became in one of the most anticipated tracks on this new T.I.’s record.

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Love The Way You Lie – Eminem Feat. Rihanna Lyrics
1 Jul 2010

Album: Recovery
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop
Lyrics by: M. Mathers, H. Hafferman, A. Grant
Released: June, 2010

Love The Way You Lie is the second official single of the seventh studio album by Eminem. The single was released two weeks before the entire new record last June 18th. It is a rap and hip hop song which is featuring Rihanna. The one has debuted at #2 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 today. The video music will be filmed tomorrow while  it is expected to be premiered next July 17th, 2010. Recovery is the title of this new album which includes 17 singles. Other songs into the track listing are: Not Afraid, the lead single, No Love featuring Lil Wayne, Almost Famous and Won’t Back Down featuring Pink.

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Not Afraid – Eminem Lyrics
13 May 2010

Album: Recovery
Genre: Hip Hop
Lyrics by: M. Mathers, M. Samuels, L. Resto, J. Evans, M. Burnett
Released: April, 2010

Recovery will be the upcoming seventh album by the rapper Eminem. This artist has released his lead single, Not Afraid. The one has debuted at #1 position on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart.  This single is available now in original, clean and explicit versions. His new record will be out on stores starting from 22nd June, 2010. Eminem will be together to Jay Z intwo shows next September .

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Drop The World – Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem Lyrics
18 Jan 2010

Album: Rebirth
Genre: Rap rock
Lyrics by: D. Carter, M. Mathers, Resto, M. Strange, J. Woodard
Released: December, 2009


At the end of December, 2009, Lil Wayne released his fifth single of  his upcoming seventh album which has been titled “Rebirth”. This album will be out on stores at the beginning of February, 2010. The song is featuring Eminem, and it has reached the peak positions at #59 on UK Singles Chart, #24 on Canadian Hot 100 and #18 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100. during this week. Since 11AM Lil Wayne has taken over Fuse with an all day marathon of videos and specials where his fans will get details about his music and life.

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Music Box – Eminem Lyrics
12 Jan 2010

Album: Refill
Genre: Rap
Released: December, 2009


At the beginning of last month the rapper Eminem released his sixth studio album, Relapse which was re-released last month. This new material is titled Relapse: Refill which includes seven bonus tracks: Hell Breaks Loose featuring Dr Dre, Elevator, Taking My Ball, Drop the Bomb on ‘Em, Buffalo Bill, Music Box and Forever featuring Drake, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. This rapper will released a new album this year. Eminem has had a terrible drug battle, but recently he has received a lot of help from Elton John, in fact, it was rumour that the young artist had died few days ago through internet, but the truth is Eminem is alive and well fortunately for all his fans.

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Forever – Drake Feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem Lyrics
10 Sep 2009

Album: More Than A Game
Genre: Hip Hop, Soundtrack
Writers: K. West, D. Carter, M. Mathers, A. Graham
Released: September, 2009

Next Tuesday Drake will release a new single titled Forever. The song is featuring Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. The song has debuted this week at #40 on U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs Chart. The single makes part of the soundtrack for the documentary More than a Game, a film that follows NBA superstar LeBron James. The movie is directed by Kristopher Belman and starring Lebron James, Dru Joyce and Romeo Travis. The soundtracks will be out next September 29th, 2009. Other artists included on this material are Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and Young Jeezy. Next week, Drake will also release an EP titled So Far Gone with singles like Successful, Best I Ever Had, The Calm and Fear.

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