Careless Whisper – Seether Lyrics
19 Feb 2009

Album: N/A
Genre: Rock, Post Grunge
Writers: George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley
Released: February, 2009

Careless Whisper by George Michael was one of the most succesful song in 80s. The one reached the top list position in different countries around the world. It received multi-platinum certified by RIAA and BPI. Different artists and bands have included as a cover. Some of them are: Gloria Gaynor, Delight, James Douglas and Barry Manilow. The same has made Seether who released on Feb 3rd as a cover. This cover version debuted at 376 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The song is available to download through their webiste.

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Rise Above This – Seether Lyrics
10 Apr 2008

Album: Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces
Genre: Alternative Metal
Released Single: February, 2008

Rise Above this is the sixth track from the album Finding Beauty in Negative. The video music was premiered on MTV the last April 5th, 2008. Until now, this new material has sold about 500,000 copies around the world. Currently, the song is positioned as number three into Billboard Hot Modern Rock Track. Also, they are on tour with Flyleaf, some of their upcoming Tour dates are: Medford, OR (04.13.08), Seattle, WA (04.14.08), San Francisco, CA (04.16.08), Los Angeles, CA (04.18.08), and San Diego (04.19.08).
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Fake It – Seether Lyrics
2 Feb 2008

Album: Finding Beauty in Negative spaces
Genre: Rock, Metal
Recorded: 2007

The band from South Africa is active since 1999. The album Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was premiered in October worldwide, and it is the number sixth album, but we can say this is third most important production. Fake It is a typical alternative metal song with a good video music. But, despite having much success with this song and being the number one on Rock Billboard Chart, it doesn’t happen the same with rest of the album, becausethe critics have rejected the winner formula from their last works. However Seether’s band defends its formula and they feel so proud with the results. Jugde yourselves!!!.
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