I Dreamed A Dream – Susan Boyle Lyrics
4 Dec 2009

Album: I Dreamed a Dream
Genre: Pop
Writer: Alain Boublil
Released: November, 2009

I Dreamed a Dream was a creation by alain Boublil which was included on the musical Les Misérables in 1980. This single has been translated in more than twenty languages like Icelandic, Norwegian, Castilian and Czech. The one has sold more than four million copies only in the United States. As all know, I Dreamed a Dream recovered so much popularity when the singer Susan Boyle performed it live for the third series of Birtain’s Got Talent. Now it gave the title of her debut album that is on stores since the end of November, 2009. The single debuted at #20 on Iris Singles Chart and #37 on UK Singles Chart. The track listing includes other titles like: Wild Horses, You’ll See, Daydram Believer, Amazing grace, The end of the world and Silent Night. This album has sold more than 411,000 copies only in UK during its first week by becoming on the fastest selling debut of all time.

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