The Only One – The Cure Lyrics
29 Jan 2013

Album: No tittled yet
Genre: Rock
Released: May, 2008

This song was released in UK and EE.UU in May, 2008 first. The Only One was the first song people could listen by The Cure after their last song  released in 2004.

“The Only One” and “NY Trip” were of the two songs released of their new album first. The single has reached the peak positions number forty-eight and thirty-five in UK Singles Chart and US Modern Rock.

On the other hand, The Only One is the number four into Billboard Hot Single Sales

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Sleep When I’m Dead – The Cure Lyrics
30 Jul 2008

Album: The Cure’s thirteenth album (Untitled)
Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: July, 2008

This new single from their upcoming album, The Cure’s thirteenth album, was released the last July 15th, a Tuesday as it still a tradition in the band. Some of the singles announced in this album are: Underneath the Stars, The Only One, A Boy I Never Knew, Freakshow, The Perfect Boy, Sleep When I’m Dead and Baby Rag Dog Book. On September, they will be releasing a new track called, Hypnagogic States. It is a remix EP that they will be working at the moment. This month, The cure has given an idea about the name of the album. It would be Dream 13 or Dream Thirteen.
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Freakshow – The Cure Lyrics
9 Jul 2008

Album: The Cure’s Thirteenth Album
Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: June, 2008

It hasn’t completed one month of being released this song, and it is number one on Spanish singles chart, number thirty on French Singles Chart and number eighty-eight on UK Singles Chart. The singles released until now and the ones that it is going to be released are: The Only One (May 13th), FreakShow (June, 13th), Sleep When I’m Dead (July, 13th) and The Perfect Boy (August, 13th). The entire album will be available on September 13, 2008.
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Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure Lyrics
17 Feb 2008

Album: Boys Don’t Cry
Genre: Post-punk
Released: June, 1979

This is a one of the most popular The Cure’s songs all over the world. Boys Don’t Cry talks about a man who is trying to recover the love lost of a girl, but he tries to disguise his emotions because boys don’t cry. The song was used as a cover in a film with same name performed by Hilary Swank who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1999. The Cure is present since 1976 and its members Robert Smith, Porl Thompson, Simon Gallup and Jason Cooper have won countless recognitions. They have gotten to sold more than 27 million Albums, and the band has been an important icon and important relating about alternative rock, punk or the new wave genre.
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