Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy Lyrics
22 Apr 2009

Album: Invaders Must Die
Genre: Electronic Rock
Writers: Jeff mills, Bridgett Grace, Anthony Srock, Liam Howlett
Released: May, 2009

Warrior’s Dance is going to be released as the third single from the new The Prodigy’s album, Invaders Must Die. The song will be available next May 11th. The CD track listing contains different remixex and five different versions to download (edit, album version, south central remix, benga remix and kicks like a mule remix). The music video was premiered this month through youtube.com. The song is now the new #56 on UK 100 Singles Chart. The whole album is on stores since 3rd March in The United States. The group will be in Switzerland at the 38th PalĂ©o Festival in Nylon next 22nd July.

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Omen – The Prodigy Lyrics
25 Feb 2009

Album: Invaders Must Die
Genre: Electronic
Writers: James Rushent, Liam Howlett
Released: February, 2009


Omen is the second single released of Prodigy from their fifth album titled Invaders Must Die. The album will be out on stores next 3rd March, 2009. The CD contains the different versions: Noisia Remix, Extended Mix, Instrumental among others. The song has been ranked at #4 for this week. The Japanese edition bonus tracks include: Black Smoke and Fighter Beat. The Prodigy are a British music group whose genres are: the electronic, alternative rock, big beat, electropunk, rave, hardcore and breakbeat. Some of their next events will be: Stockhom, Sweden (Feb 26th), Oslo, Norway (Feb 27th) and Copenhagen, Denmark (Feb 28th).

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