You Make Me Feel – Cobra Starship Feat. Sabi Lyrics
5 Jul 2011

Album: Night Shades
Genre: Electropop
Length: 3:36
Label: Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance
Copyright: 2011 Fueled by Ramen LLC
Release Date: May 10, 2011

Two years later Cobra Starship released its third studio album, they are ready now to release a new record entitled Nigth Shades. The one will be out on stores at the end of last month but now, they have made to know the lead single, You Make Me Feel which is featuring Sabi, a talented rapper, singer and songwriter.

The new single has debuted at #1 on New Zealand Top 40 Chart for this week.

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Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera Lyrics
30 Jun 2011

Album: N/A
Genre: Electropop
Length: 3:21
Lyrics by: Shellback, Adam Levine, Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik
Label: A&M/Octone
Release Date: June 21, 2011

What explosive combination we can see on the song Moves Like Jagger that brings together one of the most powerful rock pop band, Maroon 5, with one of the most powerful women voices all over the world, Christina Aguilera. The single co-written Adam Levine, Shellback, Ammar Malik and Benjamin Levin has debuted at #8 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart today.

Moves Like Jagger is a song inspired on the reality The Voice, a talent show competition where Aguilera and the Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, are the coaches.

The song was first released digitally by selling more than 213,000 copies.

Maroon 5 is on tour currently and they will be in Highland Park, IL at Ravinia Festival tomorrow. Meanwhile, Aguilera has released a new CD with 14 of her hits which is entitled Keeps gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits. Today only for just $6.99.
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Pause – Pitbull Lyrics
23 Jun 2011

Album: Planet Pit
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Perez, Urales Vargas, Abdesamad Ben Abdelouahid, Ari Kalimi, Adrian Santalla
Length: 3:00
Label: Mr. 305/Polo Grounds Music/J Records
Copyright: (P) 2011 J Records
Release Date: June 7, 2011
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Totally fresh is the new album by Pitbull, his sixth studio record. The last song he released from this album has been Pause which was co-written the same artist together to Urales Vargas, Abdesamad Ben Abdelouahid, Ari Kalimi and Adrian Santalla.

The song includes a sample from Bubble Gutz which was perfromed by Apster and written by Abdesamad Ben.

The new record by Pitbull, Planet Pit, got the collaboration of other singers like Marc Anthony (Rain Over Me), T-Pain (Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor), Chris Brown (International Love) and Enrique Iglesias (Come N Go).
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San Francisco – Cascada Lyrics
22 Jun 2011

Album: Original Me
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Tony Cornelissen, Yan Peifer, Manuel Reuter
Length: 3:45
Label: Zooland
Release Date: 3rd June, 2011

The Eurodance singer Cascada has just released her fourth album entitled Original Me which the lead single is San Francisco. The song includes a CD with different remixes. The track listing includes 11 singles some featuring Carlprit (Independence Day and Unspoken).


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Hair – Lady Gaga Lyrics
27 May 2011

Album: Born This Way
Genre: Electro rock
Lyrics by: Lady Gaga, Red One
Duration: 5:08
Label: Streamline/Kone Live/Interscope
Released date: May 23, 2011
Copyright: (c) 2011 Interscope Records

Lady Gaga released the second promotional single from her new album, Born This Way. Hair is the title, a electronic song which got the collaboration by Clarence Clemons, The Big Man. Gaga has announced that the one hasn’t been planned to be part of her second album and only apply as promotional single.

Hair is used as analogy for freedom cause it is the one part of the party people can change withouth other is judging you.

The single is responding well on Charts and now it is the number one on Belgian Chart.

Today, Lady Gaga will be performing on Good Morning America on ABC.

Next Appearance

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow – Mike Posner Feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics
27 Apr 2011

Album: 31 Minutes to Takeoff
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Mike Posner
Duration: 3:42
Label: J Records
Release Date: February 3, 2011

Mike Posner released his debut album last year. From this record, Posner officially released a 2011 single entitled Bow Chicka Wow Wow featuring Lil Wayne. The song has been strongly listened after the singer performed on The Elleven DeGeneres Show last April 19th.

Lyrics is a funny ones about a guy who uses to bore girls with classic conversation and conventional things but when he is very original – the part when he sings bowchickawowwow with reggae sound – women are able to wake up their sexual instincts.

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Blow – Kesha Lyrics
16 Feb 2011

Album: Cannibal
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Kesha, Las Ahlund, benjamin Levin, Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald, Allan Grigg
Released: February 2010

Cannibal is the title of the first extended play by Kesha. The young American singer released this album last November, 2010. However, she has just released the second official single, Blow, that the artist co-wrote together to Klas Ahlund, Benjamin Levin, Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald, Allan Grigg. Different critics have reviewed that this song is the darkest one by this artist, something that is right when you read the lyrics. You can feel a sort of necessity of liberation.

Next Tour Dates

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Born This Way – Lady Gaga Lyrics
14 Feb 2011

Album: Born This Way
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Stefani Germanotta
Released: February, 2011

Lady Gaga has already anticipated the concept of her new record when she performed her single “I’m Beautiful in my way”. So, as she said in that lyrics, Gaga not only is beautiful in her way but also Born This Way. This is the titled of her upcoming second studio album which is expected to be out on stores next 23rd May. Recently she has released the self-titled lead single, and it has been performed at the 53rd Grammy Awards where she arrived in a huge egg incubator. The electropop song has sold around 60,000 copies in UK during its first week of release. The confirmed other titles until now are: Americano, Edge of Glory, Bad Kids, You and I, Judas, Hair and Goverment Hooker.

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We R Who We R – Kesha Lyrics
4 Nov 2010

Album: Cannibal
Genre: Electropop
Lyrics by: Kesha Seber, Joshua Coleman, Lukasz Gottwald, Benjamin Levin
Released: October, 2010

Cannibal is the upcoming first EP by Kesha which is going to be released next 22nd November. Just a month, she released the lead single, We R Who We R, anĀ electropop single that has reached and debuted the peak position at #1 on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart today. During only three weeks five young gays committed suicide recently, however, those kind of news have became an everyday situation and a deep trouble for United States society in 2010. So Kesha hasn’t been unconcerned and for that reason, co-wrote that single in order to become it in a sort of anthem about pride and faith. She wants to remember the importance to value ourselves without forgive who we are and without feel embarrassed. In spite of deep topic, Kesha makes funny and positive, and continues the same sounds of her last singles. The extended play will include nine songs with other titles like: Animal, Sleazy, Crazy Beautiful Life and Grow a Pear.

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