Body And Soul – Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse Lyrics
13 Sep 2011

Album: Duets II
Genre: Jazz
Lyrics by: Robert Sour, Edward Heyman, Johnny Green, Frank Eyton
Duration: 3:20
Label: RPM Records/Columbia
Copyright: (P) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
Release Date: September 14, 2011

Tony Bennett will be releasing his new album next September 20th. The new record is a continuation of his last album entitled “Duets: an American Classic” that he released in 2006.

This new record has held the attention after Amy Winehouse’s death, one of the special guests on this album with the single Body and Soul.

The song was one of the most popular Jazz songs during 30s, performed by Coleman Hawkins and co-written by Edward Heyman, Frank Eyton, Johnny Green and Robert Sour. The anticipated single will be available starting from tomorrow.

Body and Soul was recorded together Tony Bennett last March at Abber Road Studios. The funds collected will be destinated for Amy’s foundation.

To respect, Mitch Winehouse, her father, indicated that Amy was so happy for collaborating with Bennett and was so eager for her fans listened this new record.

Other partners in this duet album are: Lady Gaga, Michael Bublé, Andre Bocelli, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah and Norah Jones.

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Rumor Has It – Adele Lyrics
24 Aug 2011

Album: 21
Genre: Soul, jazz
Lyrics by: Adele, Ryan Tedder
Length: 3:43
Label: XL Recordings/Columbia
Copyright: (P) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd
Release Date: January 19, 2011

Rumor has it is included on the second and successful album by the talented Adele, which was released in January, 2011 but now, the song has been charted in different charts in Billboard.

Adele has described as a “bluesy pop stomping song” whose lyrics was inspired on her friends who frequently have rumored about her break-up with her boyfriend.

The singer and songwritter, Ryan Tedder, collaborated on the lyrics of this song and “Turning Tables”.

The artist has ready the new schedule for her shows in October in U.S.

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You Know I’m no Good – Amy Winehouse Lyrics
23 Jul 2011

Album: Back to Black
Genre: Jazz, R&B, Soul
Released: January, 2007
Re-released: February, 2008

After having performed this song on the last Grammy Awards, “You Know I’m No Good” is coming back to the charts. This is the case at VH1 where this single is located in the position number 9. According to Entertainment Weekly Magazine, this song ranked at number 2 into “The Best Songs of 2007”. The album Back to Black won 5 awards at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. Amy Winehouse won: “Best New Artist”, “Record of the Year” for Rehab song, “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”, “Song of the Year” and “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance”. Winehouse debuted with the album “Frank” and got a good reception.

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Love is a Loosing Game – Amy Winehouse Lyrics
23 Jul 2011

Album: Back to Black
Genre: Soul, R&B, Jazz
Released: December, 2007

Undoubtedly, Love is a loosing game is the most reminiscent material from this successful album that it was totally written by Amy Winehouse. At the 2008 BRIT Awards which took place in London the last 20 February, 2008, she performed this single. Besides the awards gotten at the Grammy Awards, she was nominated at NME Awards Magazine as “Best Music DVD” and “Best Solo Artist”. Surprisingly, she didn’t win into these categories, but she won as “Worst Dressed Performer”. On the other hand, at the Brit Awards, Winehouse was nominated as “Best British Single” for “Valerie”.
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Just Friends – Amy Winehouse Lyrics
23 Jul 2011

Album: Black to Black
Genre: Soul, Jazz
Released: July, 2008

The song was released on July 21st, 2008 and it is the final single in being released from her 2007 album: Back to Black. Amy Winehouse wrote the song that it was produced by Salaam Remi. The music video was uploaded this month in and it has several images of Amy in old backstage footage. The album has received certified gold in Finland and certified platinum in Argentine, Belgium, UK, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Spain and Mexico. The deluxe edition bonus disc contains songs like: Valerie, Hey Little rich Girl featuring Zalon and Ade, You’re Wondering Now, Monkey Man, To Know Him Is to Love Him and Some Unholy War. During next month, she is going to participate at the Isle of Wight’s boutique three days festival “Bestival”.
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Rehab – Amy Winehouse Lyrics
23 Jul 2011

Album: Back to Black
Genre: Jazz, Soul, R&B
Recorded: 2006

In this song, Amy Winehouse talk us about how she resisted getting help for her drinking problem in a rehabilitation centre. She was encouraged to go for her management team. She said, “I asked my dad if he thought I needed to go. He said no, but I should give it a try. So I did, for just 15 minutes. I went said “hello” and explained that I drink, because I am in love, and have fucked up the relationship. Then I walked out”. After that, she changed her management company. This year, Amy Winehouse is nominated in the Grammy Awards to “Best Female Pop Performance”, “Song of the year” for this song and “Record of the year”.
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Cry Me A River – Michael Bublé Lyrics
10 Nov 2009

Album: Michael Bublé
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Released: October, 2009


Crazy Love is the new album by Michael Bublé. The one is available since October, 2009. During the first week on sales, this material sold more than 200,000 copies only in The United States. On the album, Bublé has included the oldies song Cry Me A River written by Arthur Hamilton in 1953. The single was recorded by Ella Fitzgerald and Julie London. Other singles into this material are: All of Me, Crazy Love, Haven’t Met You Yet, You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You, Georgia on My Mind, At This Moment, Stardust and All I Do is Dream of You. Today, Bublé will be on Dancing with the Starts and make an appearance on Jennifer Houdson: I’ll Be Home for Christmas which will set on December 14th on through ABC.

Some 2010 Tour Dates

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Pump Up The Jam – The Lost Fingers Lyrics
19 Jun 2008

Album: Lost in the 80s
Genre: Acoustic, jazz
Released: May, 2008

The lost fingers is a band from Quebec, Canada. The album has a series of songs famous in the 80’s with a arrangements quite originals. The band will be performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival this summer. Pump Up the Jam is a popular song released in 1989 by Technotronic which reached number two in UK chart, and it was well known worldwide. Beside, it has been made different versions. The track listing of this album is: 1. Pump Up the jam, 2. You give love a bad name, 3. You shook me all night long, 4. Incognito, 5. Touch me, 6. Part-time lover, 7. Fresh, 8. Billie Jean, 9. Careless Whisper, 10. Tainted Love, 11. Straight Up, 12. Black Velvet.
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Magic – Robin Thicke Lyrics
18 Jun 2008

Album: Something Else
Genre: R&B, Jazz
Released: May, 2008

Something Else is the third album which will be on store on September. Until now the confirmed tracks are: Harmony, Mr. Loverman, Sweetest Love, Dream World and Magic, a song that it was released on May, and it is part of Samsung U900 Soul advert for summer. Last year Robin Thicker was the winner as Breakthrough Artist of the Year in VH1 Awards, and it was nominated in the same category on American Music Awards. On the other hand, Magic hasn’t released a video yet, but it will be shot soon. In this moment the song is number forty-four in U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.
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