Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident – Poll Results  Lyrics

April 1, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident - PollDue to the big scandal between Chris Brown and Rihanna that included a terrible injury on her face and arm, a short detention and a lot of money for lawyers, we dared to ask all our readers during the last month if the reputation of Chris Brown would be really affected for this disgusting incident. In our surprise and despite Chris Brown has a huge number of fans through North America, Canada and Europe, our voters (210) considered that this situation will be AFFECT his repetutation, unquestionably something bad for his career.

From 296 total votes, 210 voters answered positive (71%), 63 voters (21%) said that this polemic situation could affect him “Just A Little Bit” while 23 voters (8%) are sure that it will not represent an obstacle for Brown.

Chris Brown has recognized openly his sadness and big mistake. He has found shelter from God, parents and closed friends. Brown is a young singer who sooner than later will overcome this bad moment. This not the first time a popular singer is involved on a scandal, so it only shows that he is a real person with all attributes and many deffects, and for that reason he deserves another chance.


Chris Brown and Rihanna Incident - Poll


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