About Your Song Lyrics

YourSongLyrics.com, on air since January 26th 2008, is a song lyrics website updated by a group of music fans. The website  has several categories depending on the genres of the songs. The lyrics are shown for educational purposes only and many of them are provided by the users of the site. YourSongLyrics.com also contributes to the promotional and commercial interest of owners and singers by publishing links to music stores, so the users can buy and download their songs in a legal way. Users also can comment about what they like or dislike regarding a song or artist.

At this time,  YourSongLyrics.com has a broad readership. Our users use the site not only for searching for lyrics, but also for buying music of their favorites singers and commenting their songs. We also engage our users in surveys / polls about the new music and popular singers because we also want to be a site where people can express what they feel about the music and singers that they listen to. In this way, this site is becoming a fan community! However, we don’t allow comments that degrade other people in an extreme or violent way.

YourSongLyrics.com also has a section for old song lyrics, which is having a growing readership. It is focused on oldies, and music of the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. We are working on other projects that will benefit both users and singers because we want to be not only a simple lyrics site, but also a promotion platform for singers. We are focusing ourselves on new sections and functionalities that will result in greater long-term benefit for all parts: our users, singers, music industry and us.

If you want to contact us, please e-mail us to contact@yoursonglyrics.com


YourSongLyrics Team